Old Holder Census & Data Links

Most links are to census records that I am currently maintaining, some are not. If you have any holders to add to any of the censuses except the PCGS Doily census, please message me with photos and any other information about them that you would like to add.

ANACS Census for:
Type 1, 2, 4.2 & 8 Photo Certs

Gen 3, 7.0 & P6.5 Slabs

Gens P2-P4 Yellow Label Slabs

NGC Census for:
Gens 1, 2.0, & 2.1
PCGS Census for:
Gens 1, 1.1 White Label Holder
Gen 2.0 Doily Holder Census/ CU Post
*NOTE: Censuses are usually updated fairly regularly but may not be perfectly up to date at all times.
CU Post on NGC Gen 1 Black Holder
CU Post on NGC Gens 2.0, & 2.1
CU Post on ANACS Generations
CU Post on PCGS Gens 1.0 & 1.1
Access to these additional & expanded censuses with a tip/donation* :
Gens 1, 2.0, & 2.1 Detailed
Gen 3 w/Gen 4 Overlap
Gens 1.2 Holder w/108 Prefix
Regency Holder
Gens 3, 7.0 & P6.5 Detailed
Gen 1 w/RE & EX Prefix ANA/ANACS Overlap

Gen 1 "Reg" Problem Holder
Gold CAC Census
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