Defunct TPG Certs & Slabs

An introduction to some out of business TPG's

1/18/20242 min read


Founded in 1984 by Alan Hager, ACG was one of the first company's to slab coins in a hard plastic capsule. Early on an alpha-numeric grade was assigned with the meaning posted on the back of the holder. I believe they originally used the photoslabs and switched to a smaller size slab without a photo around 1986. For some reason the earlier small size holder had more crude printing than the photoslabs. Also for some reason for a short time ACG was also available as a photo certificate, I've only seen them dated 1986 & 1987 and they appear to be scarce. There are dozens of generations of holders, both the photo type slab and the small slab. I've not found a complete list of generations anywhere or have done much research. My understanding is that ACG grading accuracy was better in the early years but fell off as time went on. As with most defunct TPG's, don't buy the grade, buy the coin or the holder. Accugrade is no longer in business.


Blanchard is a bullion and coin company. From about 1986 through 1989 they jumped into the slabbing business. They licensed from ACG the use of their slab design. There are a couple of different rear label styles. These slabs aren't seen very often. Generally grading was fairly accurate.